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Books you might like

These books are either relevant to the content of

3 Seconds in Bogotá

or are travel related.

Who Killed Barry Seal_ Pablo Escobar or George HW Bush.jpeg

American Made

by Shaun Attwood

Shaun Attwood’s true story and investigation into the war on drugs is a compelling read.

If after you’ve read 3 Seconds in Bogotá you’re wondered about the backdrop that created such poverty that produced such atrocities, this is a the book.

Highly recommended and guaranteed to blow your mind.

Who was really behind the explosion in cocaine use in the USA?

Find out with Shaun’s series on the ‘War on Drug’s’

American Made is the jaw-dropping true story of CIA drug smuggling pilot Barry Seal that the Hollywood movie starring Tom Cruise was afraid to tell.

Marching Powder.jpeg

Marching Powder.

by Rusty Young

Maybe the most-read book book by travellers of South America.

Brit Thomas McFadden was busted for drug smuggling in Bolivia and ended up living a surreal prison life even conducting prison tours for travellers who had heard of his plight.

'All the staples of the prison memoir are here: sadistic guards, an attempted break-out, the terrors of solitary confinement, the joys of freedom . . . The result is a truly gripping piece of testimony.' Sunday Telegraph



This is the must-read for travellers of India.

The beautifully told ‘true-story’ of an Aussie on the run who melted away form sight into Mumbai’s underbelly learning the workings of the mafia, Bollywood and the slum life. Great insights in the people and country.


Now on Netflix.

'A literary masterpiece... at once erudite and intimate, reflective and funny... it has the grit and pace of a thriller'   Daily Telegraph

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