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Escobar’s Colombia of 1993 was a notorious black spot on the South American backpacker's travel map. Many travellers, and locals, vanished into thin air becoming known as 'The Disappeared.

Late one night Mark and his girlfriend fly into the capital city of Bogota and chose their airport taxi with care.
They cruise through the deserted dark streets of late-night Bogota.
Then the horrific reality of the situation hits Mark like a tonne of bricks.
They are moments from joining 'The Disappeared'.

Mark's mind races through every relevant life experience, searching for a clue to their survival.
What should he do?
Listen to his logical mind, or follow his gut intuition?
He has three seconds left to decide.

A memorable true story told as a fractured late-night round-the-campfire tale via a collection of seemingly unconnected mini-stories that build to a nail-biting conclusion guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat.

3 Seconds in Bogotá - Ebook/Kindle

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